Washington did not respond to questions about the safety.

“Shocking,” Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger said upon hearing the news. “He has to handle what he needs to handle, whether mental or with his family. We’re here to support him. That’s tough. I’m not in those shoes, so I can’t speak on him, so whatever he’s dealing with I’m praying for him, and hopefully he’ll be back.

“If it’s family issues, personal issues, whatever he’s dealing with, I’m supportive. Hopefully he’ll deal with what he has to deal with and be back out here.”

Stafford’s record deal will average $27 million per year and carries $60.5 million in guarantees (and potentially as much as $92 million). Before Stafford’s deal, Derek Carr was the league’s highest-paid player — for a few weeks. Carr’s contract pays out $25 million per season with $70.2 million in guarantees.

The record-setting contract Stafford will sign resets the quarterback market and changes the game for players who have extensions or free agency on the horizon.

The value of a capable signal caller means that even someone like Sam Bradford could be the league’s highest-paid player, at least for a little while. Nobody would say Sam Bradford is a top-tier quarterback. But his contract is up with the Vikings next year, and there should be competition for his services. Bradford’s

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