The Falcons wouldn’t trail for the rest of the game.

“We don’t actually practice that throw and catch in practice,” Ryan said with a laugh. “It’s the first time I’ve ever really seen it.

“Maybe it’s better they didn’t practice it so they don’t over-think it. Mo just launched it, and it was as good a throw as I’ve ever seen. That was a huge play for us.”

Credit coach Hue Jackson, much improved from what he was doing with his team earlier in the season, for realizing he had to get that talent on the field to help his young passer. It was a big step in the right direction for Jackson to simply stick with Kizer as the starter and take his lumps for several games without the fear of being benched.

Now that Kizer’s big arm is equipped with Gordon, Jackson’s team is bound to be rewarded with what what has eluded it all season — a victory.

The Angels’ combination of a promising core and a beautiful West Coast location may have appealed to the 23-year-old Ohtani, who has confounded baseball experts at almost every step of his move to North America as one of the most coveted free agents in years.

Jackson slams same old Kizer: The winless Browns continue to set new standards for disappointment, blowing a 21-7 lead against the Packers to lose in overtime. Key to the Packers’ revival was an overtime interception thrown by DeShone Kizer, his second of what had to that point been the best game of his young career.

Afterward coach Hue Jackson said: “The two picks, it’s still the same old, ‘If you turn the ball over, you’re going to lose'” Jackson is correct but, when players keeping the same mistakes, some of the blame has fall on a coach who has one win in nearly two seasons.panthers_123

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